Debapriya Sen

Ph.D., State University of New York at Stony Brook, 2003
Office: JOR-221
Telephone: 416-979-5000, ext. 2662
Email: dsen at economics dot ryerson dot ca
Curriculum Vitae: PDF Format
Research Interests
Industrial Organization, Imperfect Competition

Teaching Fields
Microeconomics, Game Theory, Industrial Organization

Selected Publications

Sen, D., " An alternative proof of Fishburn’s axiomatization of lexicographic preferences" (with M. Mitra), Economics Letters, 124(2), 168-170, 2014.

Sen, D., "A theory of sharecropping: The role of price behavior and imperfect competition" Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization, 80(1), 181-199, 2011.

Sen, D., "Outsourcing induced by strategic competition" (with Y. Chen & P. Dubey), International Journal of Industrial Organization, 29(4), 484-492, 2011.

Sen, D., "General licensing schemes for a cost-reducing innovation" (with Y. Tauman), Games and Economic Behavior, 59(1), 163-186, 2007.

Sen, D., "Fee versus royalty reconsidered," Games and Economic Behavior, 53(1), 141-147, 2005.

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