Paul Missios

Ph.D., York University
Office: JOR-227
Telephone: 416-979-5000, ext. 6186
Email: pmissios at ryerson dot ca
Curriculum Vitae: PDF Format
Research Interests
Environmental Economics, Natural Resource Economics, Public Economics, International Trade

Teaching Fields
International Trade, Microeconomics, Environmental / Resource Economics

Selected Publications

Missios, P., "External trade diversion, exclusion incentives and the nature of preferential trade agreements," (with K. Saggi and H. M. Yildiz), Journal of International Economics, 99, 105-119, 2016.

Missios, P., "Do south-south preferential trade agreements undermine the prospects for multilateral free trade?," (with H. M. Yildiz), Canadian Journal of Economics, forthcoming.

Missios, P., "Inter-regional competition, comparative advantage and environmental federalism,” (with I. Ferrara and H.M. Yildiz), Canadian Journal of Economics, 47(3), 2014.

Missios, P., "Pricing of drugs with heterogeneous health insurance coverage,” (with I. Ferrara), Journal of Health Economics, 31(2), 440-456, 2012.

Missios, P., "A Cross-country study of waste prevention and recycling: Assessing the effectiveness of policy instruments," (with I. Ferrara), Land Economics, 88(4), 710-744, 2012.

Missios, P., "Trading rules and the environment: Does equal treatment lead to a cleaner world?," (with I. Ferrara and H.M. Yildiz), Journal of Environmental Economics and Management, 58(2), 206-225, 2009.

Missios, P., "The role of MFN under asymmetries in environmental standards," (with H. M. Yildiz), Economics Letters, 93, 297-304, 2006.

Missios, P., "Recycling and waste diversion effectiveness: Evidence from Canada," (with I. Ferrara), Environmental and Resource Economics, 30(2), 221-238, 2006.

Research Grants

SSHRC, "A comprehensive study of Canadian waste generation and recycling," 2009-2012, $72,672 (with Ida Ferrara, Principal Investigator, York University).

SSHRC, "Environmental regulation, innovation, and the migration of skilled workers," 2004-2005, $25,000 (with Ida Ferrara, York University).

SSHRC, "Interregional competition, investment and sequential choice in a federation," 2002-2005, $33,300 (with Ida Ferrara, York University).

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