BComm, Economics & Management Science

In today's highly technical and computerized world, acquiring timely and accurate business and economic data is essential for successful management decision-making. The BComm, Economics & Management Science (EMS) program is designed to meet the needs of industry and government for professionals with well-developed analytical and model building skills. The EMS program also prepares students for graduate studies in a variety of business and economic fields.

The EMS program has a double focus: economic analysis and quantitative skills. The principles and methods of economic analysis are applicable to many types of enterprises, including private sector firms, public utilities, government agencies, and nonprofit organizations. Today as well, proficiency in the processing of all sorts of quantitative data is expected of managers because vast amounts of information are available as a consequence of advances in computer technology.

Production, marketing, finance, and research and development produce huge amounts of quantitative data. Whether it is useful or not depends upon the technical skills of management members and the staff who support their decision-making function.

More details on the structure of the program can be found here.

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